Happy Hunting

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Happy Hunting
Beta Project
Theme Fantasy
Released 2004
Updated Jul 16 2006
P. Language
Platforms Linux,Windows
Game Length
Official site of Happy Hunting

This is a short hack-and-slash roguelike demonstrating staircase connections, monsters, combat, basic equipment use, a victory condition, and the possibility of permadeath.

It exists primarily for Linux at the moment, though a very ugly Windows binary has been produced subsequent to the challenge. Nicer interfaces exist for the project, but this is the only one I could produce as a standalone Windows binary.

Most of the codebase was written in the year leading up to this challenge; I no longer maintain a link to the baseline code used for the game, though it is available on request. The seven day roguelike and a development screenshot can be accessed from the sourceforge:


The underlying codebase is named "arid", short for "another roguelike in development".

The direct link to the sourceforge project page is here: