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Alpha Project
Developer Alex Bardanov
Theme Dark Fantasy
Influences dungeon crawl
Updated 15.04.2012
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows, XNA Framework
Interface tiles
Game Length up to hour
Official site of Ignite

About Ignite

Ignite is a fantasy roguelike game currently in development by Alex Bardanov. The development goal is to make an interesting game with high replay-ability and randomness.

I will be very glad if you post your comments or any bugs that you encountered at my blog. Have fun!

Current version - 0.41 from 15 April 2012


A couple of videos can be found at my youtube channel here (roguebasin does not allow post videos).




  • Highly random world
  • Resources gathering and item crafting system
  • Building construction from gathered materials
  • 14 items to craft
  • Advanced combat system with body parts and critical wounds

Additional Information

This is prealpha build so you can expect that you will encounter some bugs. Do not travel to the end of the map! Press <TAB> to enter inventory Press <ESC> to terminate application


42173.png ; mirror http://dl.dropbox.com/u/31655535/Ignite_pa041.rar