In a World

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In a World
Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Turner Xei
Theme Dystopian, Ultratech
Influences Stealing Light, Altered Carbon
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Ruby
Platforms Mac OS X and Linux (Windows planned)
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length sandbox after main quest completion
Official site of In a World

"Set in an alternate history's future. Always bring a gun and never leave home without a towel."

It's like duct tape, it has a light side and a dark side and its impossible to get out of your hair.

There will be plenty of dark seriousness and horror overlaid with gallows humor. It's not all a big joke, but it doesn't take itself too seriously either. Expect traditional RPG dialog and story with an overarching narrative and spending weeks exploring vast worlds .. if you want. Orrr just go on a rampage through the streets of an post apocalyptic city over your coffee break. Your choice.

Freedom of choice is key.

If its possible for something to be done in the universe, then you can do it, if you just want it bad enough. And survive long enough.

Each starting point could be completely different, no skills in common, different plant, maybe isolated, different species. But in the end, you can do anything you set your mind to. Not that it'll be easy or even sane to do or anything.

Planned Features

  • Open World
  • Multiple worlds
  • Factions
  • NPC Recruitment
  • Cities
  • non-combat NPC AI
  • Multiplayer (eventually)

Development Screenshot

IN DEVELOPMENT!! This will be updated.. or check the blog, there will be screenshots posted whenever there's anything to look at (and even sometimes when there's not).