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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer John David Taylor
Theme Fantasy/Anachronistic
Influences Angband
Licensing Open Source, GPL
P. Language C, BasiEgaXorz
Platforms Windows, Sega Genesis
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Judoband

Update: This project is vaporware for reals now. See Discussion page.

Judoband is my currently non-existent crappy Angband variant.

Can you make it to Level 70 of the main dungeon and defeat Hitan, Lord of Grief?

Some features:

Five classes: (based on the Five Stages of Grief)
Liar: He uses trickery to take down his foes.
"It's not a lie if you believe it."
Nemesis: He is filled with rage.
"Does this blood-soaked farming implement make me look fat?"
Merchant: A master of trade.
"You're busting my balls. Seriously."
Pessimist: This poor deluded soul sees error in countless dungeon deaths. Where did he lose his way?
"We must confront reality."
Optimist: A top member of the Church of the Happy-Happy. Nothing gets him down!
"...Why so serious?"

New Item: Scissors
Retrieved from the Kuchisake-onna. What could they do?

From Ivan: Limbs
You can lose limbs and reattach them. Maybe you could even pimp out your body with monster limbs?

New Unique: Deathart
He has 100 deaths in store for you. Can you avoid fate, or perhaps will you try and collect them all?

New Feature: Computer
It runs programs you find in the dungeon. New ones, programmed by me or others, will be available for download. These programs include the sexiest Roguelike idea ever: In-game Roguelikes! (With online scoring!)

New Feature: Black Market Credit
When selling items at the Black Market, instead of getting money, you get Black Market Credit that can only be used at the Black Market. I've always wondered why they hadn't thought of such an awesomely shady idea before. The best part: Instead of having to carry your money with you so evil people can steal it, you can exchange it for Black Market Credit, albeit at an exchange rate that would make China blush. No getting money for Black Market Credit however.

New Feature: Double Dimensions
I got this idea from GuruGuru Garakutazu (Galactaz Spinning Round and Round). In that game, you travel between two dimensions, an alien one and your own, and when you do all of your items change. A toy sword into a real sword, armor into a funny shirt, a water gun into a robot with a gun for a face (awesome!) who joins your party (double awesome!). I'm gonna do the same thing with Judoband, with the town being in a "normal" dimension.