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Stable game
Developer Nathaniel Inman
Theme Post Apocalyptic
Influences Nethack, Arcade Games
Released Jan 3, 2020 (0.1.0)
Updated Aug 04, 2020 (1.0.0)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface Unicode, Keyboard
Game Length Small, Less than 5 hours
Official site of Kepler452b

Kepler452b is available for Windows, Linux & MacOS. Enjoy a roguelike with one of 8 classes, 5 unique worlds, beautiful graphics by Oryx, music by Scott Buckley & Sergey Cheremisinov, 28 unique enemies, 101 supervisors to modify your gameplay, a story and much more! Whether you prefer to sneak around and backstab with the assassin, use a flamethrower as a pyrotechnic or grapple enemies to you and poison them, there's bound to be a play style you will enjoy!