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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer User:Tommket
Theme Anything You want
Influences maybe Elder Scrolls Construction sets
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Linux, Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Anything You want
Official site of Labyr2

About Labyr2

Labyr2 development had begun during the summer of 2010. Its goal is to create a complex game engine with lots of uses for items, your skills, attributes, combat, and I hope I will be able to make some quest scripting. If you want to share some thoughts, go on to my page and send me an e-mail. All the feedback and new ideas are appreciated.

Current development

11.2.2011 - Finally the work on the creatures had begun. It is the last and the most complex chapter of the development. There will be a first release when I get some basic AI to work. Right now I am implementing the creatures into the Map Editor and making some basic things around them. Also there was a huge change in the save and map file formats (I hope it was the last BIG change). I think the first release will be an Alpha, because there will be still so many things to do, especially the AI and some quest scripting system (I am still thinking about how to make the dialogs, easy to edit for a modder, but still efficient in triggering events, but thats still too far away "but any ideas are welcome"). Oh, and the summer semester begins just on Monday, so the development will be slower, with the beginning of the school, but dont worry this project, wont be a defunct one. The Labyr2 had already survived my first semester, and this one is going to be easier.

8.2.2011 - Some ballistic system has been implemented. Now I just have to finish the details of the long range combat. The projectiles can now go through multiple targets changing their direction according to the projectiles kinetic energy and the targets Armor Points. I think I may start to work on bringing the other creatures to life before the weekend.

5.2.2011 - Still working on the long range weapons system, and as I do, it becomes more and more complex. I have made a covering and a target picking system, showing the chance that the projectile gets there without hitting anything else (like items, map pieces, or creatures). It uses the mouse and prints a line consisting of stars, that have varying colors (all the shades between green and red), representing that chance, and the chance is also printed out on the lower panel. Maybe I will even post a screenshot of it.

Here are the promised screenshots: first, second, third. Sorry I am new to wiki, and I just didnt know how to post images to a wiki page.

4.2.2011 - I had to work on something else for a few days, but now I have finally completed the close range combat system, in the next few days I will try to make the long range combat system, against items and map pieces. And then slowly "when I will have time", I will implement the creatures, some basic pseudo-AI, make an example world (big and interesting enough to show off the features), and push this project at least into an Alpha stage with a real and playable release, that will be entertaining enough to play it.

31.1.2011 - So this day will be the Combat day, I am going to work on the close combat system against anything that has HP (yes, even items and map pieces have it), later when some creatures will be added into the actual game. It will be a lot easier to implement them, if I will have a working combat system.

30.1.2011 - I am happy to announce, that the game engine was successfully tested both under Linux and Windows. And it works. At the current stage the player can run around on multiple maps, use pick up and drop items (to and from his inventory), equip and unequip items in the correct slots, can eat, drink, sleep, use healing places (portions of map that heal the characters standing on it), be damaged by damaging map pieces (like "camp fire"), can use items to create new items or modify a certain map piece (for example use 1 axe + 2 hands to cut down a tree using your woodworking skill would take you approximately 20 minutes of game time and cost you 3000 energy points, if your skill increases the used attributes also increase their XP accordingly to how much of them are used in the skill specified in the skills specifications which are in a text file for every world, etc.), the items are being worn as specified in the interaction, etc., etc.

The player/modder can edit almost anything, the only exceptions for now are the attributes and slots (I think I can make the slots editable, but the attributes list should stay hardcoded).

Phew, the only downside, why I prefer to call it a talkie-talk project is the fact, that the player is the only creature in the world so I will from now on focus on making the creatures and release something funny to play, that could be called "Beta state project". And then work on the quest making system, but thats too far away.

Hope to write here soon, Tommket