Labyrinths and Legends

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L&L - Labyrinths & Legends
Stable game
Developer bowkenken
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Moria, Nethack, Torneko: The Last Hope
Released 1993-02-23 (1.0.0)
Updated 2010-06-04 (3.4.17)
Licensing GPL v2
P. Language C C++ Objective-C
Platforms Unix, Mac OS X, DOS, Windows
Interface Mouse, Keyboard, Ascii
Game Length About 10 days
Official site of L&L - Labyrinths & Legends

L&L - Labyrinths & Legends was completed with ver.3.4.0 opened to the public on 2009-03-14.


L&L - Labyrinths & Legends is fantasy RPG that play Wizardry on a system of Roguelike. There are following features when L&L is compared with current Roguelike.

<Party play>
Your party can be united up to six characters.
<Auto battle>
Direct tactics of characters.
And it's executed semiautomatic.
<Easy menu>
Operate them with menu or shortcut keys.
You can operate them by one hand with cursor keys or ten keys.
<It's OK even if killed>
Characters can revive at church in a town
as long as the party isn't annihilated.
<Editable class>
You can create unique classes by adjusting parameters.
<Pairs by two characters>
It's easy to distinguish kind of characters.
'Cause they're displayed by two characters (classification and race).

Download and Installation instructions

Please select the package that you want to download on the following pages.


ss-lnl-fight-s.jpg ss-xlnl-town-3-s.png

How to Play

Key operation

  • Movement of cursor with ten keys
       NW   N   NE
       <7> <8> <9>
          \ | /
     W <4>-- --<6> E
          / | \
       <1> <2> <3>
       SW   S   SE
  • Basic keys
Basic keys
Meaning cursor keys ten keys
Select menu <Enter> <Enter>
Close menu <Delete> <0>
Execute turn <End> <5> or <.>
  • Short cut keys
Short cut keys
Meaning cursor keys ten keys
Strategy <Insert> </>
User's menu <Home> <*>
Cast spell <Page Up> <->
Set anchor <Page Down> <+>

Mouse operation

Meaning iPhone Mouse key
Move the cursor Tap Point <1>-<9>
Set the anchor Double tap Left click <+> <v>
Menu Left double click <Enter>
Cancel Right click <0> <Esc>
Execute Right click <5> <.>
Continuous execute Right press <,>
Scroll Wheel
Scroll with drug Drug Left drug
Page scroll Flick
Strategy menu R drug for left dir. </> <z>
User menu R drug for right dir. <*> <x>
Spell menu R drug for upper dir. <-> <c>
Set the anchor R drug for lower dir. <+> <v>
Zoom in window Pinch out
Zoom out window Pinch in

How to move party

  • To move the party, you set the anchor to the position of the target.
  • The player characters move around the anchor.
  • The character actually moves when the turn is executed.

Go down to the labyrinth

  • There are the descending stairs to the labyrinth in the center of the town.
  • It is necessary to search for the ascending stairs if you want to return from the labyrinth to the town.
  • Please use [Miscellaneous]-[Stairs] of the menu to ascend and descend the stairs.
    • The character of ascending stairs
    • The character of descending stairs

Fight against the monsters

  • If you want to begin fighting, execute the turn after setting command by [Strategy] of the menu.
  • if you want to run away, select [Strategy]-[Clear] of the menu.

Official wiki site

  • Follow L&L development on my wiki: