Lair of the Demon Ape

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Lair of the Demon Ape
Beta Project
Developer gerryq
Theme Fantasy
Influences Rogue, Crawl
Released 2007 Feb 13 (0.7)
Updated 2007 Feb 20 (0.71)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface Mouse, tiled graphics
Game Length Short
Official site of Lair of the Demon Ape

Lair of the Demon Ape is a mouse controlled roguelike game for Windows. Norstrilgarg the Demon Ape lurks in his Vault of Terror on the 7th level of the lair. Get down there and destroy him. You can play as Warrior, Archer, Thief or Wizard, each with distinctive powers.

Lair is a work in progress. It is intended ultimately to have isometric graphics, but the current incarnation uses tiles. Unusually for a roguelike, you can move several squares and act on each turn. As can the monsters.

Although it lacks a number of projected features, and is not very large for a roguelike, Lair is a complete game, and fairly bug-free. And the seven levels are pretty large and hard to short-circuit. It is quite winnable at normal difficulty with any class, but for non-experts is still rather hard. Difficulty levels are included.

Levels are non-persistent, but just as in classic Rogue you can never backtrack. The game automatically saves at the end of each level, and nowhere else. You can play it ironman, or reload, as you prefer.

This game is a coffeebreak roguelike, but note that getting through a difficult level might take twenty minutes, so it's not for a five-minute break.