Magician's Apprentice

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Magician's Apprentice
Beta Project
Developer shelim (core)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo
Released 2015 Mar 24 (Playable alpha version)
Updated 2015 Mar 24
Licensing Commercial, Shareware, Steam Greenlight
P. Language Cpp, API used: SDL, AngelScript, OpenGL
Platforms Windows (ready), Linux (coming soon), Mac OS X (coming soon)
Interface 2.5D Isometric / ASCII, both real-time and switchable at any moment. Keyboard and Mouse
Game Length epic (currently prologue scenario released)
Official site of Magician's Apprentice

Magician's Apprentice is a new 2.5D isometric Hack'n'Slash/roguelike hybrid game that will please both casual gamers and hardcore roguelike fans alike. Featuring all classical roguelike concepts like randomization, full-keyboard support or perma-death with some more recent concepts (ie. sound support, true colors and real-time action). Set in randomly generated world of Akaia, with dozens of parallel universes to travel, the game will feature one of the most original system of building spells ever made. Combining runes into tree-like structures you'll unleash powerful magical effects. Prepared in shelter of safe location spells can be used against most vicious monster utilizing their vulnerabilities and weak spots. It's your power and imagination!


  • Make your own spells! - Combine runes to achieve ultimate destructive effects!
  • Develop your Magician - improve his skill via chosen paths and don't forget about proper equipment!
  • Travel through vast randomly-generated world. Everything is seamless - mines, undergrounds, forests and deserts
  • Discover the truth about amulet of Yendor, the source of power (or godhood) for evil warlock
  • Gain powerful allies to help you in fight... or even more powerful enemies to crush!
  • Two graphical modes: isometric and roguelike!


Full size available here:

screen1.png screen2.png screen3.png screen4.png screen5.png screen6.png screen7.png screen8.png


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