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MovingETA v0.07
Alpha Project
Developer @TheScriptan
Theme Story Based Fantasy Hack & Slash
Influences Moria Rogue ADOM NetHack
Released 12 July 2013
Updated 08 August 2013
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++ using libtcod
Platforms only Windows
Interface ASCII + some graphical content
Game Length Infinite Dungeon Levels
Official site of MovingETA v0.07

About MovingETA

Have you ever wanted to try to survive in the abandoned dungeon, with mutated monsters that attacks you, and with other adventurers dropped items to survive. Well if you did, so this game is exactly for you! For now the game doesn't have the objective, but in my opinion the objective is to survive as long as you can. P.S Now Moving@ have a contest where you can compete with others to get credited in the game for example your suggested name can be monster or item (later there might be more things to name


Long time ago, in the medieval ages, there was one boy called "ETA". He was same as the other kids, but something strange happened to him. One day, his mother asked him, could he get some cherries, in the woods? ETA of course answered yes. So while he was looking for cherries, he found really strange looking portal. ETA was scared. ETA comes closer to the portal and sees a lot of 0110101 characters, and some !@#$%^&*() + some other one, but most of them was ????. Suddenly in the woods wolf came out of nowhere. ETA got scared and slipped to the hole of portal. And here is all the gameplay begins

Updates Of v0.07


  • When You Enter To A New Dungeon Level, Your XP Increases and Then Leveled Up In New Dungeon Level You Get More Bonus For Health/Strength/Agility/Hunger *
  • Redesigned Leveling System *
  • Redesigned 'Examine' (key: 'e') Function (Still Need Some Work) *
  • Redesigned Enemy Health System/Defense System/Attack Defense *
  • Fixed Wolf Design *
  • New Item: Apple ('o') *


(Be Aware Controls Might Change In The Meantime)

  • e - Examine Item *
  • d - Drop Item *
  • c - Character Stats *
  • g - Pick Up The Item *
  • Arrow Keys or 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9 - Movement *
  • Move Forward The Enemy To Attack *
  • Some Spells/Items Use Mouse Interaction *

Features Of v0.07

(Remember That Game Is In Really Early Development Version)

  • Randomly Generated Dungeons *
  • Randomly Spawned Items In Dungeon *
  • Seven Items *
  • Seven Monsters *
  • HP/XP/HGR Support (HP - HitPoints (Health); XP - Experience (Needed To Level Up); HGR(Hunger))
  • Easy To Use Leveling System *
  • Inventory *
  • Spells *
  • Field Of View (FOV/Lighting) *