Mutant Aliens!

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Mutant Aliens! is a coffeebreak roguelike
Mutant Aliens!
Developer SRD
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences IVAN, Aliens
Released 2012
Updated 16 Sept 2012 (ARRP)
Licensing GNU GPL
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length A few minutes to lose, less than 10 to win
Official site of Mutant Aliens!

'Mutant Aliens!' sees a spaceship "dock safely" into the forest of a hostile alien world. A faceless, nameless, heavily armed human emerges and is assaulted by all sorts of alien monsters. To escape, the player, who is obviously innocent of any wrongdoing, must find the source of the radio transmissions that have confused their spaceship, and "fix" the problem.

Download updated version 7drl Announcement blogpost ARRP Announcement blogpost Source on github

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Let's play by Game_Hunter Review by cratuki Polish review by Irinka


  • Randomised monster stats
  • Monster memory system to automatically record the player's observations
  • Player-chosen difficulty settings. Level 0-6 are all winnable, level 7 probably is, levels 8 and 9 are murderous
  • Running mode and stamina for both players and aliens - As stamina decreases, the running speed decreases to the walking speed.
  • Standardised, reliable equipment for the player:
    • Pistol (low damage)
    • Assault rifle (medium damage)
    • Plasma cannon (high splash damage, don't get caught in the blast)
    • 6 different devices, which can set on a timer (0 to 9 seconds) and thrown:
      • Low explosives
      • High explosives
      • Hologram generators, to distract aliens with good vision
      • Noise generators, to distract/scare/deafen aliens with good hearing (and oneself)
      • Scent generators, to distract aliens with a sense of smell
      • Brain slices, to distract psychic aliens
  • No health regeneration, no health pickups, no ammunition pickups - you need to escape quickly or run out of resources
  • Radio receiver to guide the player to the objective
  • Tab to autotarget
  • Game style that varies with the alien species generated - lots of huge aliens means a game of running away and trying not to get surrounded, lots of small aliens means a shooting gallery, lots of medium-sized aliens could mean anything, and an even mix could mean big trouble