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Beta Project
Developer Karl Breuer & Tony Crawford
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack 3.4.3
Released Jan 21, 2008
Updated Apr 11, 2013 (0.9.1)
Licensing NetHack License
P. Language C
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, BSD
Game Length Many hours.
Official site of Netzhack

NetzHack (note the 'z') is a complete German translation of NetHack 3.4.3. Emphasis is on an idiomatic translation, with whatever code adaptation is necessary, preserving the spirit of NetHack. Status: there are more than probably some bugs left, but the game is up and playable on Linux (console and X11), Mac OS X (console and X11), Windows (console and GUI), and *BSD (console on all, X11 on some). Binaries are available for Windows, Debian and Ubuntu.

See Also

NetHack-De, another German Nethack translation project (work in progress).

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