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Alpha Project
Developer xTERM
Theme fantasy
Influences ADOM, Dungeon Crawl
Released 2008
Updated Jul 9, 2009 (0.1.0)
Licensing GPLv3, Affero GPLv3
P. Language Vala
Platforms POSIX, Windows
Interface SDL
Game Length
Official site of O.R.E.

Online Roguelike Environment (O.R.E.) is roguelike MMORPG game. It features nice-looking SDL terminal-like graphics, random dungeons, large world, freedom of action.

The goal of this project is to create Open Source rogue-like MMORPG game. It will combine well-known roguelike traditions like text-based interface, single-step attack, problem solving and discrete movement with many modern features like Online playing, clever AI and support of graphical (and even eye-candy!) interface (based on characters of course). Many roguelikes implement several good features, but miss the others. We are going to implement something that will bring all them together and even more...

Implemented features

  • True color terminal emulator
  • Small widget toolkit
  • Animation
  • Real-Time server
  • Efficient and reliable network protocol
  • NPC (goblins, orcs)
  • Armor, weapons
  • Attack
  • Fallout-like Field-Of-View
  • Random town, dungeon, forest generators
  • Map scrolling
  • Chat
  • Unicode support