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Alpha Project
Developer Xtricate
Theme Apocalypse
Influences ADOM, Dwarf Fortress, CataclysmRL
Released October 3rd, 2012
Updated October 3rd, 2012 (version 0.0.1)
Licensing open source, freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (all from Source)
Interface Tiles,ASCII,Keyboard
Game Length long
Official site of OutlastRL


Outlast RL is a zombie-apocalypse roguelike in early early pre-alpha, using the pygame/pygcurses library.

Currently, it is pretty bare-bones. One can wander around, entering dungeons filled with zombies.

Until I can get py2app up and running, it requires pygame and can be compiled from source at github.

Planned Features

Eventually, I plan to implement a large list of things I've planned for quite a while:

  • more skills/stats
  • more complex character creation
  • bases with which to base the entire point of the game
  • ai with smell/sight/hearing/taste/feeling
  • the list goes on...