Plains of Sedia

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Plains of Sedia
Alpha Project
Developer Nathaniel Inman
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack, DikuMud
Released 2009 Nov 5th
Updated 2009 Nov 5th (Alpha)
Licensing Open source, GPL v3
P. Language VB.NET
Platforms Windows GUI
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Currently very short and single-player. Planned to be based on a MMORPG Lifecycle
Official site of Plains of Sedia


Plains of Sedia is an integration of MUDs and Roguelike games. Plains of Sedia is also used as a D20 storytelling module. All campaigns as they take place are implemented into the game. Creation of the world of Urd in the game is implemented through it's open-source game engine, Clay. Clay edits the databases in real-time as the game is in progress. The project was ported from QBasic to VB.NET in October of 2009 and restarted.

Current Features

  • Randomly generated dungeons with a static world.
  • Dynamic weather pattern algorithm.
  • 69 unique weapon types, 140 unique armor types, 141 unique material types
  • Standard, magical, rare, unique, and legendary item qualities.
  • 129 different wearable item enchantment types.
  • 100 different environments.
  • 10 different tradesguilds.
  • 71 creature types, 9 creature archetypes.
  • 15 possible character races.
  • 14 possible character classes with 70 including prestige.
  • 12 different citizenship types.
  • 8 different military rank types per each of the 5 main cities.
  • 5 different clans.
  • 13 different rodes to follow.


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