PlantForce 7DRL

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PlantForce 7DRL
Developer Eliot Glairon
Theme Fantasy
Influences Crawl
Released 2009 Oct 21
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface graphical
Game Length ???
Official site of PlantForce 7DRL

Features include:

  • 11 different monsters, each with varying speed, health, and quirks
  • Plants that have different features, which mutate in subsequent generations
  • Health and hunger tied together, eating food is vital.
  • 3 different attack styles, and 4 different plant magicks, all tied to a practice-based skill system.
  • Ground fertility, which can be modified to affect the lifespan of your plants.

I am a little concerned about balance, and I would like some input. Also, I am afraid that there are some bugs in the 7DRL that were not fixed. Anyways, please help me by reporting any bugs you find, or any suggestions for feature improvements or balance. Also, I want to know what you thought about the game in the edit page.