Pocket Dimensions

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Pocket Dimensions
Alpha Project
Developer FuzzyFungal
Theme Fantasy
Influences Crawl
Released Mar 11 2019
Updated Mar 11 2019
Licensing Open Source
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Browser
Interface ASCII/Unicode
Game Length About 1.5 hours
Official site of Pocket Dimensions

"Pocket Dimensions" is a 26 level dungeon crawler about navigating a disjointed reality with portals you can pick up and carry around. Direct combat is limited, forcing the player to use the environment and any other tools they find along the way. It was made as an entry to the 7DRL Challenge 2019.

The source code is available. It it written in Javascript, using Rot.js.


You are a Portal Wizard, recently graduated from the Portal Wizard Academy. But on your graduation day, a cabal of evil wizards, using the power of the legendary Wand of Nerual, shattered the world into separate pockets of space!

As a freshly minted Portal Wizard, you have the power to manipulate the gateways connecting these disjointed pocket realities. With this power, you will traverse the shattered world, find the Wand of Nerual, and with it, make the world whole again!

Unfortunately, you skipped class the day they taught fighting at the Portal Wizard Academy. You will have to rely on your skills of running, pushing and shoving, and drinking coffee.