Project TDoIPS

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Project TDoIPS
Beta Project
Developer RagnarQuantumdustssen
Theme Sci-Fi
Influences TIS-100, Coffeebreak roguelikes
Released Dec 12, 2016
Updated Dec 16, 2016
Licensing Proprietary
P. Language Haxe
Platforms Windows
Interface Full color
Game Length
Official site of Project TDoIPS

The game is a roguelike/programming game in which you can hack/reprogram hostile robots in an Assembly-like language.


OpenFL framework:


The core of the gameplay has been implemented and the game is playable.

Planned Features:

- Different types of robots with distinct default programs and abilities.

- New instructions to make robots hack other robots.

- Automated doors,traps, turrets ....... that are programmable in a similar way.

- Different types of action instructions.

- Multiple levels.