Pugnacious Wizards 2

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Pugnacious Wizards 2
Stable game
Developer Trystan Spangler
Released 2013 Jun 7 (1.0)
Updated 2013 Sep 22 (1.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language ActionScript
Platforms All
Interface Emulated ASCII
Game Length 30 minutes
Official site of Pugnacious Wizards 2

Pugnacious Wizards 2 is a coffeebreak roguelike

About Pugnacious Wizards 2

Find magic spells, avoid traps, steal the three amulets, and escape the castle.

This is a fuller remake of my 2013 7DRL Pugnacious Wizards. It has better traps, better magic, and better gameplay and details. Pugnacious Wizards 2 is considered done and I won't work on it except for bugfixes.


  • Interesting traps that you can use to your advantage. Rooms with moving blocks, fire arrows that burn, rotating towers that shoot freezing arrows, and more.
  • Magic with several effects - some good and some dangerous. Teleport and burn anything nearby or shoot magic missiles that bounce off walls and split when they hit someone.
  • Intro screen! Watch The Hero run through the castle and find new ways to die.


Me, fighting the ice wizard near the bottom of the castle: PW2_1.png

What the game looks like on the first turn with no field of view applied: PW2_castle.png

Change log


  • 5 types of trap rooms
  • 3 starting spells
  • Fire and ice effects


  • Guards
  • Archers


  • Examine screen
  • Help screen
  • Help popups


  • More spells!


  • More spells!
  • Amulet pieces are guarded by wizards.


  • More spells!
  • Gold.
  • You can spend gold to buy three spells.


  • More spells!
  • Several new dungeon features
  • Each wizard has a theme (fire, ice, or poison) and the nearby rooms have the same theme.
  • Many, many, many performance, gui, and balance tweaks.


  • More spells!
  • Mouse support.
  • Numerous small balance tweaks.


  • More spells!
  • Tweaks.


  • Added variations: each time you play the dungeon generator, enemy stats, and other details will be a little different.
  • More Tweaks.