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Defunct Game
Developer Thomas Biskup
Theme Fantasy
Influences ADOM
Released January 1997 ({{{relver}}})
Updated never ({{{updver}}})
P. Language C
Platforms Linux, DOS
Interface ASCII
Game Length unplayable
Official site of QHack

QHack is partially a result of Thomas Biskup's decision not to release the source code for ADOM. Many people have asked him for tips on how to write own roguelike game. It is not fully playable, however it is intended to be a template for being able to create a basic roguelike fairly easily.

The game is able to generate dungeons and populate it with monsters. However they are not even recognized yet and player can walk over them. It also has a short storyline. According to qhack.c author spent a total of sixteen hours developing the game. Last edit was made 9th Jan 1997.

While well commented and fairly easy to understand QHack sources did not attract much interest. Without content comparable to even something as small as 7DRL all attention it was able to gather quickly faded away. There is no known roguelike based on QHack.