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Quick Quest
Defunct Game
Developer Archibald
Theme Fantasy
Released 2002 Feb 23 (v0.3) ({{{relver}}})
Updated 2002 Jul 23 (v0.61) ({{{updver}}})
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, console unsupported
Game Length
Official site of Quick Quest

Quick Quest begins when a lone necromancer takes over a demolished tower and rebuilds it. Then he grows in power and begins threatening nearby kingdoms. In result many heroes come to kill him and win glory. Player is one of them.

Notable features

  • slide show with quite a lot of ASCII art
  • HP, SP and MP have colored bar displayed next to number
  • turn counter is next to status conditions which allows easily to identify how long given affliction is going to last

Item progression is done in way worth a look. Each item has a level in square parentheses. It describes how good is an item in its class. "Plate mail [3]" is marginally better than "Plate mail [2]". Items can have magical qualites. "Sapphire ring [4]+++" has three effects and is quality level four piece of jewelry. This system ensures generating better gear is always possible but unfortunately this does not make gameplay much more interesting.