Reflector: Laser Defense

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Reflector: Laser Defense
Alpha Project
Developer Michael Moore (@mscottmooredev)
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Hoplite, Vicious Orcs, Dwarf Fortress, Into the Breach, Kingdoms and Castles, Surviving Mars
Released November 22, 2019
Updated January 28, 2022
Licensing Open Source (GPL)
P. Language JavaScript (TypeScript, React)
Platforms Browser
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~60 minutes
Official site of Reflector: Laser Defense

Roguelike colony management in a hour


Play as an elite Laser Defense mech sent to build and defend a colony on an increasingly aggressive alien planet.

This game is in active development. You can follow along on my blog, on, or @mmakesgames on Twitter.

Current Features

  • Laser-slinging Combat: Reflect, split, and absorb your laser beam to make the most of each shot
  • Colony Management: Provide housing and jobs for your colonists, who then produce resources for you
  • Wave Survival: increasingly large and dangerous hordes of aliens attach each night!
  • Short Sessions: a full successful game takes about an hour, so you don't need to worry about losing hours upon hours of progress
  • Undo Your Mistakes: you can fully undo up to 20 turns -- experiment without fear!
  • Traditional Roguelike Mechanics: play as a individual character in a randomly generated turned-based grid-based world
  • Graphics, Music, Sound Effects, Mouse Controls: but don't worry, there is full keyboard support too