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rng clrc
Beta Project
Developer Jan
Theme Fantasy
Influences Brogue, Nethack, Shiren the Wanderer, POWDER
Released 2015 September 19
Updated 2016 September 24 (0.71)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ??
Official site of rng clrc

Welcome to rng clrc (pronounce: RNG cleric or ringo cleric), a roguelike game developed with libtcod in python.

It is in Beta stage currently. It contains all things planned for the game and hopefully only few bugs.

The Game

You are heading up a mountain as lightning strikes and you find an old forgotten temple. The hint to retrieve the mortal remains of the strongest martyr from the deepest floor of the dungeon below the mountain, starts your journey on reinstalling the cult in the temple.


  • ASCII graphics and effects
  • Full dungeon with monsters, items and magic
  • Procedural dungeons and hand-made maps
  • Deterministic melee combat with 3 character attributes as action points
  • Heavy use of bones files to remember your fallen heroes (but permadeath)
  • A magic system based on prayers. At first only random help from above is available
  • Write scrolls, books and engravings to make prayers more predictable
  • Use fire to become stronger, and keep the fire burning


Bugfixes from ARRP release v0.71 Beta now available on https://jan-rl.itch.io/rng-clrc-a-roguelike