Rogue Empire

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Rogue Empire
Alpha Project
Developer German Wachnitz
Theme Fantasy
Influences ToME, ADOM, TCG's
Released 2016 Apr 01
Updated 2017 Dec 05 (Alpha V0.8.7)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Unity, C#
Platforms Windows
Interface 2d Art, Mouse, Keyboard
Game Length several days (Current early access version)
Official site of Rogue Empire

Rogue Empire is an classical fantasy themed roguelike rpg indie game released in January 2019. It offers a deck building system (ha a unique deck of possible abilities for each class) for character build up as you level offering replayability over several runs with the same class! Rogue Empire spawns 3 campaign settings:

+ Eghoss Tale: A short campaign where you play with a human warrior named Eghoss and fight your way through a 20 level dungeon and 2 bosses. Could be considered as an introductory campaign. + Dawn of Shadows Campaign: The main story campaign. You choose 1 of 7 races and 1 of 5 classes embarking into a quest to "initially" figure out how to break magical barriers forming around the greater cities of the world (Ethistos). + The Challenge Dungeon: The standard infinite dungeon with a twist. Every new dungeon level stacks new challenges that carry over the next levels. Increasing the difficulty and adding some unexpected elements to the run!

Rogue Empire.jpg

To Check Out!

Official trailers and such: Youtube Channel

Some gameplay streams: twitch, twitch, youtube(German)


Some of the distinct features you can expect from Rogue Empire:

+ A beautifully illustrated epic story involving an unbalanced world engaged by a mysterious shadowy force!

+ An innovative talent system that borrows concepts of TCG's (Trading Card Games)!

+ A world map with unique exploring mechanics and events!

+ Exciting boss fights with fun and cool mechanics!

+ Permadeath with a twist: Dying will provide you with valuable soul points, used to unlock perks and new gameplay options!

+ An ever continues growing number of races and classes to play with. Each with strong differences in gameplay. The initial release is planned to go out with 7 races and +5 classes!

Early Access & Download

Rogue Empire is currently undergoing early access. Any support and suggestions are more than welcome!

You can download the latest version released of the prelude (free short story with only one class race combo available) at the game's site.

You can download the latest early access version released at the game's site.

Races & Art

Rogue Empire - Races Art.jpg

Some Gameplay

Rogue Empire - Combined.gif

Rogue Empire - Wand of Lightning Shock.gif Rogue Empire - Slashing Skeletons.gif

Rogue Empire - Magic Missiles.gif Rogue Empire - Frost Nova.gif

Rogue Empire - Chain Lightning.gif