Rogue Maid

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The Night The Rogue-Maid Went Down
Alpha Project
Developer Corremn
Theme Soldier combat
Influences Lovecraft
Released 2007 Mar 18
Updated 2010 Sep 16 (0.8.8a)
Licensing no licence Closed Source
P. Language C++, OpenGL]
Platforms Windows
Interface Emulated ASCII
Game Length 10-20 mins
Official site of The Night The Rogue-Maid Went Down
Rogue Maid is a coffeebreak roguelike

Something I wrote in 2006 after 2 weeks of coding this is what I got. Possibly the only roguelike involving an off-shore oil rig.

This is very loosely based on Brian Lumley's short story "The Night Sea-Maid Went Down".