Rogue Planets

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Rogue Planets
Stable game
Developer Rya Reisender
Theme Science fiction
Influences Phantasy Star II
Released 2009 (?)
Updated Aug 18, 2009 (v1.3 final)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++ Builder
Platforms Windows
Interface Tiles and ASCII combined
Game Length ~5 minutes to attempt one planet
Official site of Rogue Planets

Rogue Planets is turn-based exploration game with roguelike characteristics. Author was inspired by dungeons of Phantasy Star II and recreated their feel with randomized level generator. Without potentially tiresome battles Rogue Planets can be played at a fast pace.


A powerful demiurge spoke these words before he left:

My time has come and I will soon disappear from this world, but I leave a final remnant with which I shall be remembered. I have learned many things and acquired almost unlimited power - even the ability to create planets. These planets don't orbit stars and so are called rogue planets. On one of them I have hidden this secret power to create planets. It is yours to find!.


Player takes role of adventurer searching through those planets hoping to gain the secret. At first coordinates of two places to check out are available.

The game's user interface is both graphical and text-mode at the same time. Obstructed map tiles are filled with a picture. Passable square may contain either a 'M'onster, 'F'ood, stairs ('^' up and 'v' down) or 'T'reasure. Enemies do not move but attack whenever you dare to enter their space. You can kill them at mild expense of energy.

Difficulty in Rogue Planets comes from harsh clock. Whenever you get too hungry you are forced to leave planet and all progress is lost. Fortunately there is food to be found and harvested on surface. Goal is to get to the bottom (planet size dictates number of floors) and collect treasure. Monsters will block passage slowing you down. Other features of this game include easy to learn gameplay and different characteristics for each found planet. At one place there may be plenty of food to sustain oneself but abundance of hostile creatures. At other place there may be almost no monsters but really dense terrain. Its drawbacks are long levels that quickly become boring and reliance on luck to solve some resulting mazes.

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