Roguelike Browser Boilerplate

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Roguelike Browser Boilerplate
Library project
Developer Chris McCormick
Released Aug 21, 2020 (v1)
Updated Aug 31, 2020 (v2)
Status Released
Licensing Commercial
P. Language JavaScript, HTML
Platforms Browser
Dependencies JavaScript code editor and a web browser
Official site of Roguelike Browser Boilerplate


Roguelike Browser Boilerplate is a web app template you can use to get a head start on your browser based roguelike game using JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.

Get it at

It's a minimal but complete game using Rot.js and other JavaScript and CSS libraries to take care of things like title screens, menus, touch input, sound effects, mobile device testing and tileset graphics.

The boilerplate comes with source code, assets, sounds, screens, UI, and documentation (a 46 page PDF) to help you get started.

There is also a screencast tutorial series available on YouTube to show you how to use the template.

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