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Hey, I'm Chris!

Here are the roguelike games I have made:

* Smallest Quest
* Asterogue
* Roguelike Browser Boilerplate

I've been playing the original BSD Rogue for decades. My favourite port is "AGB Rogue", a port for Gameboy Advance by Donnie Russell. I've also played a bunch of Nethack and lately a bit of Shattered Pixel Dungeon. Probably my favourite Roguelike at the moment is Patient Rogue by Watabou. What a magnificent game.

The first game I ever wrote on the Apple IIe when I was 8 years old was like a super minimal Roguelike. You played an O character and there was an X character chasing you around the screen. More recently I was in 7DRL 2019 with The Forest Moons of Yendor.

I am also the creator of Roguelike Browser Boilerplate a web app template for making roguelikes.