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Stable game
Developer Chris McCormick
Theme Science Fiction, Futuristic
Influences Rogue
Released 2020-10-30 (1.0.0)
Updated 2020-10-30 (1.0.0)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language Javascript
Platforms Android, Windows, Linux
Interface Sprites, Mouse&Keyboard
Game Length 25 minutes
Official site of Asterogue

Asterogue is a coffeebreak roguelike



Asterogue is a turn based coffeebreak roguelike set in the interior of an asteroid in space.

You discover a hollow asteroid filled with procedurally generated mines, facilities, alien creatures, and space-loot.

It's a fast, light, minimal, graphically rich roguelike that is easy to pick up and put down, with sci fi pixel aesthetics and juicy game-feel. Balance futuristic hand weapons, armour, chemicals, nanotech, medkits and food as you battle weird creatures from outer space.

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One thousand years of peace and prosperity in the galaxy have come to an end. You, a humble lightswords-person, lost everything you loved in The Great War. Late one night in the midst of the Dark Times you drowned your sorrows at a dive bar. An old man mumbled a mythical tale. "Ancient aliens have returned". He told of their dark arts and strange ambitions. To suck away all that is good in the galaxy and store it in their Cursed Orb. The Orb of the ancients is the source of all this misery, and whoever finds it shall bring peace.

He sketched a space-map on the back of a napkin, and was suddenly gone. From your haze you stared at the map and knew it to be your destiny. Days later, wheeling through the outer limits of the spiral arm, you crash land upon an asteroid. Is this the one on the map? Is that an enterance you spy? Faced with sure death on the surface or the chilling unknown within, the choice is clear. You descend into the heart of the asteroid...