Sane Roguelike

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Sane Roguelike
Alpha Project
Developer Narf the Mouse
Theme Fantasy
Released Jul 19 2009 (alpha 1)
Updated Jul 23 2009 (alpha 2)
Licensing Free for non-commercial use
P. Language .NET Framework
Platforms Windows
Interface Console
Game Length
Official site of Sane Roguelike

'Sane Roguelike' is a dungeon crawl through a realm of horror and madness. Armed with both weapons, powers and wits, you will confront the foul denizens and may even survive.

It also refers to my holding back my 'creeping featurism' on this project.

The game is in an alpha state.

Sane Roguelike is downloadable from: Sane Roguelike V2, 7z, .Net

Or: Sane Roguelike V2, zip, .Net

For Mac, Linux or other. Sane Roguelike V2, 7z, Mono

Or: Sane Roguelike V2, zip, Mono

Sane Roguelike requires either the .Net Framework 3.0 Redistributable: .Net 3.0 redistributable

Or, for those who don't like or don't have Windows, the Mono cross-platform, open-source port: Mono Download

If you have Linux, you may already have this package. If you have Vista or above, .Net 3.0 is pre-installed.

In those cases, simply make sure you have the latest version and download and run the game.

Sane Roguelike also comes with NetExtensions, an ongoing project of the author's which is free for noncommercial use. -- The Author

Currently Implimented

  • Player Character
   Attack, attack at range.
   'Zap' wands.
   Inventory (Pickup, Drop, Use, Equip)
   'Operate' doors.
  • Monsters
   'Ghoul' AI
   Monsters use combat items
   Monsters use intrinsic items
   Monsters drop held and inventory items on death
   Monsters have LOS
   Primitive, 3x3 tiles pathfinding
  • Map generation
   Pillared rooms
   Traps (Teleport)
       Trap resistance
  • LOS
   Fully light-source based
  • Items
   Melee weapons
   Wands (Teleport, Combat)
   Healing Potions (Not fully refactored)


  • Items
   Ranged weapons
   'Boosting' items
   More potions
  • Map Generation
   More room types
   Secret doors
  • Miscellaneous
   Save, Load and Quit (Working, needs speed increase)