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Developer Adriano
Theme Fantasy
Influences ToME, Angband
Status in development
Released February 1 2015 (Alpha 1)
Updated January 1 2016 (0.5.3)
Licensing GNU GPL v3
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms web browser
Interface Unicode, Keyboard, Mouse, Touch (more or less)
Game Length some hours (?)
Official site of Scantanador


Scantanador is a JavaScript roguelike playable with any [r-d]ecent browser and via keyboard, mouse or touch (somehow). You can save a game between session inside the browser you are using (yes, it uses localStorage, and yes, you can save-scum to cheat permadeath, if you really want... but that's up to you) and it will be loaded automatically the next time you open it.

You start from the easiest dungeon, where you can gather some better equipment and food (often by butchering and cooking corpses), which will help you in exploring the wilderness outside. There are 10 dungeons scattered around, each one with different denizers and a boss waiting for you at the bottom of it. To win, you should defeat the final boss in the hardest dungeon, Avernus. And that's all, for now. Oh, and items can burn, melt or be destroyed by magical or special attacks, so better you keep an eye on it to avoid nasty surprises.

The game is loosely based on D20 system, but I tend to take some liberties with it whenever I feel appropriate. So, beware.

Play it online

todo List

Here are the feature I plan to implement, sooner or later:

-less stupid monsters;

-adding more special powers for player and monsters;

-town where to trade and stock up;

-traps (no, not THAT kind of traps);

-unidentified items;

-balancing the game;


-whatever else I might think about.