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Stable game
Theme Covert Ops
Released Aug 06, 2020 (1.0)
Updated Aug 06, 2020 (1.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language C++14 STL
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface ASCII
Game Length ~30 minutes
Official site of Secular
Secular is a coffeebreak roguelike


  • Real-time action adventure with different classes to play with, each one with unique abilities!
  • In-game Manual section to learn how to play, a Tutorial to get used to the commands, and an Arena to safe combat practice.
  • Yes, that's right... Real-time ASCII 80x24 console game combat! And many other surprises, including unlockables...
  • Native 80x24 console game, created for retro gamers and also for those long waiting during software deploys.
  • It can be played in GUI environments as well.
  • No installation nor dependencies needed. Unzip and play.
  • All of this for FREE; no sign-up, no email, no adds, no nothing... just click to download and enjoy.



  • Made with love, Vim, C++14 STL, Ncurses (Linux) and PDCurses (Windows)
  • Powered by GNU, Valgrind, Ubuntu, MinGW, Git, GitHub and Heroku