Seduction Quest

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Seduction Quest
Alpha Project
Developer Codex
Theme Erotic Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Dwarf Fortress, Monster Girl Quest
Released 2012 Oct 18
Updated 2013 Apr 14
Licensing Open Source
P. Language Lua
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of Seduction Quest

This game has adult content and you are advised to proceed at your own discretion.

Seduction Quest is a hentai roguelike adventure game and one of the first of its kind. The game uses the robust LÖVE2D game making framework for it's engine. The game is still in early development but plans to feature many locations, NPCs, and a randomly generated world history very much like Dwarf Fortress.

Main Concept

Seduction Quest is set in a fantasy world with monsters driven with an urge for lust, debauchery, and carnal desire for sex. The outline of the game is to revolve around this, and create a history and culture around it. The game itself will be an open world experience for the player to explore and come across many interesting things. There will be sex dungeons, castles, caves, brothels, taverns, towns, portals to other realms, and many more locations included.

NPCs & Monsters

The monsters in Seduction Quest are not the typical ones you find in most games. During the player's adventure he will encounter types of monster such as: Succubus, Female Vampires, Slime Girls, Sirens, Female Demons, Erotic Shapeshifters, Lamias, Valkyies, Mermaids, and well... you get the idea. If the main character is female, then reverse the genders of the monsters. (or not) Every NPC in the game will have a possibility for a sex encounter to occur, which can result in good or bad consequences, depending on the situation.

Not JUST a Sex Game

The harsh reality of sex games is that they usually serve one purpose. And once that purpose is fulfilled there is no other content to keep the player entertained. Seduction Quest aims to be different in this regard. One of the main goals is to have enough playability that even people who aren't interested in the sexual aspects, or who have temporarily lost interest, can play and enjoy the game as they wish. The game is designed with sex as a core element, but retaining enough other elements and content that serves general entertainment purpose.