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Stable game
Developer tps12
Theme Anagrams
Influences Scrabble
Released 2015 (?)
Updated 2016 May 19 (?)
Licensing AGPL
P. Language JavaScript
Platforms Chrome, Firefox, Safari
Interface ASCII, Mouse, Touch
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of Spelly
Spelly is a coffeebreak roguelike

In Spelly, the player slays monsters and uses their corpses to cast magic spells and gain experience.


screenshot of trying to hunt down the monsters to cast BOIL Screenshot of slaying a python Screenshot of putting the spell HIP together Screenshot of leveling up after casting DOCKED


The player bumps into monsters to kill them, then collects their corpses.

To accumulate points and gain experience levels, the player casts spells by using their collected corpses to spell out English words. They win when they cast the spell "YENDOR."

Each new depth of the dungeon introduces a new type of monster that can spawn.

Jeff Lait's Letter Hunt was not an influence, but came from a similar premise: mash up a Roguelike with mechanics inspired by Scrabble, treating ASCII characters as letters in English words.

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