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Alpha Project
Developer Eversoar
Theme Science Fiction
Influences Cataclysm, ADOM
Released 15 March 2024
Updated 15 March 2024
Licensing Freeware, Closed Source
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Keyboard
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of Sphere

Sphere is a roguelike focussed on exploration and tactical combat. It is set in a stellar ship graveyard, the junk ring.


Modular shipwreck generator

Ships are assembled from basic shapes and dynamically filled with rooms and objects for both randomness and consistent structure.

Immersive ship environments

Rooms drain of oxygen when the hull is damaged. Fires can start, spread and consume oxygen. Gravity can be switched on and off. Many objects you encounter have real functions, such as monitoring and power supply.

Complex combat system

Enemies, player characters and their equipment have a large range of strengths and weaknesses. Damage limbs, use cover, adjust your aim mode and perform special attacks and movement actions.


Graphics emulate classical ASCII games, but with some divergence: Menus and message text are not confirmed to a text grid, and the UI uses some sprites for icons and characters.


Sphere is in a very early stage of development, but already has an hour or two of content.