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Alpha Project
Developer Jason Coombes
Theme Survival
Influences Minecraft, Ultima Online, Dwarf Fortress, Terraria
Released Jun 27, 2013 (0.01)
Updated Aug 22, 2013 (0.06a)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C#
Platforms Windows OSX Linux
Interface ANSI
Game Length
Official site of SurviveRL

SurviveRL is a new type of Roguelike where the world is infinite and procedural, and can be fully modified during gameplay.

Based in a fantasy world of magic, dragons, and other cool stuff, SurviveRL is a free ASCII game. You can build, craft, fight, and lots of other things in a world that continues to evolve even when you watch. You can just live there if you want and work all day. You decide. It uses ASCII characters to display the game, similar to many RogueLikes, such as Dwarf Fortress. Full modding and scripting support is already in the game, more details on how to use those features coming soon.

It is still in early development, but has daily updates, both with wiki posts, and game versions for download.


Some features are completed, while others are still in development.

Live in a house that you build yourself, tile by tile or using a house deed from a vendor
Work for a living and make money/profit by selling your stuff or hard labour
Rent out houses to people
All items (except magical or rare) can be crafted by yourself once you have enough skill
Destroyable Landscape
Every single tile can be dug up, and tiles can be placed anywhere, well almost
Lots of dungeons
Fight monsters, animals, npcs

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