The Lair of Xar

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The Lair of Xar
Stable game
Developer Calistar
Theme Fantasy
Influences NetHack, ADOM, Diablo
Released Oct 6, 2011 (1.1.0)
Updated Oct 6, 2011 (1.1.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, OS X
Interface graphical
Game Length 1 hour
Official site of The Lair of Xar


The Lair of Xar is a realtime roguelike with pixel graphics.

Link to the trailer (HD):

Project home:

The game is FREE so feel free to download it and give it a try!


About the Developer

TLOX was developed by Christoffer "Calistar" Niska, a 28 year old web developer from Helsinki, Finland. Calistar work for a company that provides a variety of clients with advanced web applications. He has experience in programming with PHP, JavaScript, Java and ActionScript3. He also has extensive experience in working with frameworks and libraries. He wants to improve himself as a developer and expand his knowledge beyond web application development and to achieve this he spend his evenings learning about game development.


TLOX is Calistar's first real game development project. The game isn't built on any game framework or library, instead everything is written everything from scratch. The reason why this path was chosen was because Calistar wanted to learn everything from top to bottom. The game itself could surely be improved a lot but there are already plans to rewrite the engine from scratch using the knowledge gathered during this project. TLOX was developed during a period of one year.

The engine

The project consists of two parts, the engine itself and the game that implements the engine. The engine follows the traditional inheritance pattern and provides the following features among others:

  • Separated update and rendering logic
  • Event dispatching and listening
  • Simple scene management
  • Simple tilemap engine
  • Simple GUI
  • Bitmap fonts


TLOX is an action role playing game with randomly generated content. Your task is to slay an evil minotaur named Xar who has ravaged the villages near his lair. To challenge Xar you must first make your way to the final floor where he resides. Along the way you will find items and power-ups to help you accomplish this task. Are you ready to face the might of Xar?