The Light of Amber

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The Light of Amber
Developer Ulli Zähringer
Theme Fantasy
Status 0.3.5
Released 2012-06-28
Updated 2012-06-28
Licensing Closed source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface Tiles, Keyboard
Game Length
Official site of The Light of Amber


The Light of Amber (TLoA) is fantasy roleplaying game that plays much like the classic first-person roleplaying games of yesteryear like Dungeon Master and Black Crypt (And the newer "Legend of Grimrock"), while still utilising roguelike elements, such as randomly generated dungeons. It also has a storyline.

v0.3.5 new gfx, sfx, music , monsters, ai, floortiling, inventory menu ... v0.3.4 download link, several changes