The Rogue of 5

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The Rogue of 5
Stable game
Developer Jan
Theme Fantasy
Influences POWDER, Brogue
Released 2017 December 21 (1.0)
Updated 2017 December 21 (1.0)
Licensing Freeware
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows
Interface ASCII, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length 1 h
Official site of The Rogue of 5

The Rogue of 5 is a coffeebreak roguelike

Welcome to The Rogue of 5, a simple roguelike game developed with libtcod and BearLibTerminal in python.

The Game

The Rogue of 5 is a short roguelike game, developed by using the number 5 as much as possible.

Retrieve 5 artifacts to the surface to win the game. There are 4x5 floors in the dungeon, 5 types of monsters, 5 stats, 5 skills, 5 elements, 5 of each item type, and so on...



  • Simple game with lots of 5
  • 5 monster types
  • Item identification
  • Skills determine your class
  • Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Tangerine


Version v 1.0 now available on