The Sewer

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The Sewer
Alpha Project
Developer Alexander Gnoli
Theme Steampunk
Released Late 2013
Licensing Commercial
P. Language Unity 3D
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS
Interface 3D First person dungeon crawler
Game Length Medium
The Sewer Official site

The Sewer is an English language steampunk Role-playing video game currently being developed and due for release in late 2013. It should be a multi-platform game, with planned releaeses for Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Android and iOS devices. While the game is being produced by a team based in Italy, crowdfunding was solicited via Indiegogo (The Sewer page on Indegogo) to further help developing the project and porting the game onto more platforms. The game is presented as a roguelike "first-person dungeon crawler" involving monsters and mystical creatures, set in Steampunk London in 1888.


In a steampunk London, during Jack the Ripper's killing spree, all the inhabitants of the city have recurrent nightmares every night. A wizened old man, draped in colorful clothing and strange amulets, knocked at your door. He told you he knows the way to stop these nightmares, and free everyone. The cure is buried in the sewers, protected by members of a strange cult, eager to sacrifice you to their alien Other Gods, or feed you to one of the horrible creatures that haunt the sewers.

Character Classes


The archeologist spends most of his time studying ancient society and looking for their vestiges. So he has developed the ability to understand forgotten language and detect secret passages.


The cowboy is more accustomed to spend his time with cow rather than with other people but has gained high profinency with fire weapons, because in wild west is better to shooting first and then asking questions


You deserve the damnation in your lifestyle, and the world won't do anything to help you. Your style can save you in many situation, from choosing the right dress for each occasion, to having the right word to the right person.


After years of intense study, you can power the knowledge of the technology behind the objects. Now with a few things you can jury rig whatever you need.


You have travelled all the seven seas and the fifth contients and you are still looking for a place where no one has gone before.

Gang Member

Born on the street and still living there. Spending all days with your mates hanging around while trying to do business in the black market of the city.

Hermetic Scholar

You know the secrets of your ordersso you can master the elements and bend them to you. You can use your power to empower other objects with unknown strengths


The family has a great number of noble titles and a great list of accomplishments during all the history of the Empire. The Lord has knowledge of all the fact occurred in upper-class and nobility.


The pratice of soothing the pains of the injured, give her access to the hidden recesses of the soul of the human. The nurse can also make medicines to help healing the body


Anybody can be a prey for your greed and hunger. You try to find the gain in any occasions, so you are the genius in bargains and you can value anything for your convenience.


You have the gift to contact the spirits, and you can have them at your command. Your personal spirit assist you during your perilous journey.


The world represented by your pen is a creation between the reality and your inner world. You can understand the mood of other people before they speak and gain a boon.


This is a first person dungeon crawler, in which you are investigating the London sewers about this epidemic of nightmares, while other creatures try to kill you. The underground is randomly generated, so every playthrough is different. The player can be one of many character classes: you can be a member of a street gang, a scholar of the hermetic arts or a scoundrel that lives in the thin line between light and dark, or many other classes.

There will be an online marketplace to trade the items you will find in the dungeon with other players playing The Sewer. Development of the game is already underway, and will continue even after the first release of the game, to add new features and enhancements.

The game will be developed using the Unity3D engine and will be multiplatform (Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and will run also on mobile device (iOS and Android).

We're going to adopt the "no number" method ( ). Stats and values within the game won't be shown to the player as numbers, but rather as a series of adjectives, each of which will encompass a range of numbers. For example, the quality of an object could be: excellent, good, normal, poor. "Hit Points", or the amount of damage you'll still be able to sustain without dying, are going to be represented either graphically or with a percentage (this is still being decided), while the relative strength of enemies compared to the character will be shown by a difference in size: stronger enemies will be bigger than the character, while weaker ones will be smaller.

Every object will have a durability, determining its quality. When speaking of armor and equipped items, it'll be a set number of damage points that it will be able to absorb, whereas weapons will have a set number of damage points they will be able to inflict.

Items which will occupy an equip slot will be able to be augmented by a Talisman (made by Hermetic Students) or an Artefact (made by Engineers), gaining bonuses.

Item shops (located outside the Sewers) will buy items from you. Valuable items will also be pawnable to a pawn shop, in exchange for a monthly interest. If they're not reedemed in time, they'll be auctioned to all the other players. In addition, every player will be able to auction their items to other players directly.

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