The Test of Inn

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The Test of Inn
Beta Project
Developer Lefteris Hatzipetros
Influences Elder Scrolls
Released 2009
Updated May 8, 2010 (0.1.5)
P. Language C
Platforms Windows
Interface Keyboard,ASCII
Game Length short
Official site of The Test of Inn

A coffee-break real-time Roguelike game written in C. The game as of now takes place in an endless dungeon.


You can add/edit any enemy you want, by editing enemies.txt files. You can choose your char and color when starting a new game, as well as the color of menus/backgrounds/messages via the Settings menu.

Time is ticking by the time you start the game and is not depended by the time you play.Npcs and the players have the same characteristics.That allows fully equiped,fully lootable(under development) and fully customizable npcs to be easily implemented in the future.Player and npcs share the same targeting system ,so npcs now fight other npcs as you play based on their family.Characters that died in past games are now propable of coming back as ghosts.Basic Creature generator added. The game also features a basic ranged combat system.

Features to come

- Project is abandoned