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Talkie-Talkie Project
Developer Quendus
Theme material wealth
Influences Crawl, Angband, Dwarf Fortress, DoomRL
Licensing Will be Open source
P. Language Python
Platforms Windows, Linux, Mac OS
Interface ASCII, keyboard
Game Length variable
[ Official site of TreasuRL]

TreasuRL will be a roguelike by Quendus. It will be a multi-agent system with all characters competing to get treasure, motivated purely by greed (and not all of them thinking of self-preservation). The player must play by the same rules as them, and leave the game's setting (alive) with enough treasure to increase their social standing.

Features will include:

  • Horde of noncooperative AI agents competing with the player and each other for treasure
  • Persistent world, with streamlined interactions between NPCs continuing in the player's absence (simplified so that the player doesn't have to wait in between turns)
  • Randomised cultures giving unique NPCs with different preferences and behaviours/strategies
  • High death rate, population maintained by continuing stream of newcomers
  • Diffusion-limited aggregation for map generation (probably)
  • Player decides when to quit (or whether to press their luck further) - no ultimate treasure or target that makes them a "winner"
  • Decrease emphasis on "levelling up" - characters gain power through new equipment, but will become more adapted to the game's environment as they progress
  • Incomplete knowledge of other characters' capabilities (plus Angband-style memory) forcing risk assessment based on equipment etc. (more experienced characters will be more observant)
  • Injuries applied to body parts; stats replaced in whole or in part by traits
  • Possibility to incapacitate or knock characters out and take their stuff rather than kill them - easier, less antisocial, but might provoke revenge thanks to the memory system (could happen to PC or NPCs)