Ugly Rogue

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Ugly Rogue
Stable game
Developer uglydogs
Theme Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Diablo
Released Feb 20, 2012 (
Updated Feb 22, 2012 (
Licensing Closed Source, Freeware
P. Language Java
Platforms Windows, Mac OS X, Linux
Interface ASCII, 2D
Game Length Unlimited
Official site of Ugly Rogue

Ugly Rogue is an ASCII-based fantasy themed rogue like.


Ugly Rogue is a browser based (no app download required) rogue-like that allows the player to completely control the development of their character. A race and background are chosen which shape the general direction of the character, but with each level gained the player chooses which statistics and skills to gain, allowing for nearly limitless variety.

Some currently implemented features:

  • Randomly generated maps of several distinct types, including mazes.
  • 6 races and 9 backgrounds, each with distinct traits
  • Mouse driven input (though keyboard input is also available for most actions)
  • Over 50 distinct skills (with many more still in development)
  • Random item generation, resulting in millions of equipment types
  • 5 attributes, each with useful functions, regardless of character type
  • A starter town with merchants to buy gear from
  • "Realistic" item weight system, affecting movement times, not attack times

The game is currently playable in alpha version, as of 22 February, 2012.