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Description requires to be rewritten accordingly to the new version.

Developer Iniquitatis
Theme Fantasy
Influences Diablo, Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup, Dungeon Siege
Status Stable
Released 2012 Apr 22
Updated 2015 Apr 16 (Build 54)
Licensing Closed Source
P. Language C++
Platforms Windows, Linux
Interface Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length unlimited
Official site of Valhalla

Valhalla is a zero-player role-playing game in which the player has no direct control of the character, and only chooses a name and a class. The character just wandering around and fighting random enemies. Upon levelling, the character recieves some random new equipment and a few stat bonuses.


Currently there are only twelve character classes: four basic, four advanced and four more advanced classes (which are available upon reaching character level 50 and 100):

1 - 49 50 - 99 100 - ...
Freelancer Expert Master
Warrior Knight Templar
Thief Rogue Assassin
Mage Warlock Necromancer

The number of received stats per level and formulas of calculation of secondary stats directly depends on the chosen class of the character.

Different classes possess different types of weapons. Advanced classes gain more stats per level.


Build 54

tn_Valhalla_54_1.png tn_Valhalla_54_2.png tn_Valhalla_54_3.png tn_Valhalla_54_4.png tn_Valhalla_54_5.png tn_Valhalla_54_6.png tn_Valhalla_54_7.png tn_Valhalla_54_8.png tn_Valhalla_54_9.png tn_Valhalla_54_10.png

Build 53

tn_Valhalla_53_1.png tn_Valhalla_53_2.png tn_Valhalla_53_3.png tn_Valhalla_53_4.png tn_Valhalla_53_5.png tn_Valhalla_53_6.png tn_Valhalla_53_7.png tn_Valhalla_53_8.png

Build 52

tn_ZPG_52_1.png tn_ZPG_52_2.png tn_ZPG_52_3.png tn_ZPG_52_4.png tn_ZPG_52_5.png tn_ZPG_52_6.png tn_ZPG_52_7.png

Build 51

tn_ZPG_51_1.png tn_ZPG_51_2.png tn_ZPG_51_3.png

Build 51

tn_ZPG_51_1.png tn_ZPG_51_2.png tn_ZPG_51_3.png

Build 50

tn_ZPG_50_1.png tn_ZPG_50_2.png tn_ZPG_50_3.png tn_ZPG_50_4.png

Build 49

tn_ZPG_49_1.png tn_ZPG_49_2.png tn_ZPG_49_3.png

Build 47


Build 45

tn_ZPG_45_1.png tn_ZPG_45_2.png

Build 41

tn_ZPG_41_1.png tn_ZPG_41_2.png tn_ZPG_41_3.png

Build 40

tn_ZPG_40_1.png tn_ZPG_40_2.png tn_ZPG_40_3.png tn_ZPG_40_4.png tn_ZPG_40_5.png tn_ZPG_40_6.png