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Web Raid
Stable game
Developer Karlheinz Agsteiner
Theme None particularly
Influences Nethack
Released Jan 20, 2010 (version 1.0)
Updated Apr 23, 2010 (version 1.3)
Licensing GPL
P. Language Java
Platforms Mac OS X, Windows, Linux (untested on Linux)
Interface ASCII, Tiles
Game Length 1 minute to 30 minutes for a single game, months to achieve everything.
Official site of Web Raid

In Web Raid you wander through dungeons made up from tiled graphics (the ASCII mode is history), meet and fight fierce creatures, pick up great weapons, armor and mystic amulet, and collect precious treasures. Web Raid's focus is on strategy - you get a full overview of a whole dungeon level, insight into the power and character of each of the creatures, and you'll need that to survive. Web Raid's goal is to survive long enough to pick up stuff and return it from the dungeon, and to also survive to tell about the creatures you've slain. Web Raid features a global achievement list that you can sync your achievements with in order to show everybody that e.g. you're the first one to ever kill that level 25 water dragon.

The big difference to other roguelike games is that, behind the scenes, everything that you encounter in Web Raid corresponds to bits and pieces of web pages. Behind the scenes, creature, armor, weapons, amulets and treasures are derived from words - the longer and more complicated a word, the more spectacular the creature or item. Behind the scenes, (nearly) all the dungeon levels are determined from the longest sentences of web pages; if a maze has a vertical wall with a hole near the top of the wall, then this hole is there because a letter at the beginning of the alphabet was next when building the maze. So actually you're wandering through web pages and hunt for the biggest and coolest words. The game just makes this look like dungeons and stuff in them. Web Raid features a dictionary of about 280.000 words. Each is mapped to a unique monster or item, waiting for you to be discovered.


  • 280.000 different monsters/items
  • Everything except names is derived from the vowels and consonants of words on web pages: all monsters, weapons, armor, magical amulets, and treasures, nearly all dungeons.
  • Everything is influenced by the five elements of chinese astrology: some armor protects more from fire, other from earth or metal (derived from vowels)
  • Each monster has a unique character made up from five independent traits (e.g. introverted, peaceful) that defines its behavior (derived from consonants)
  • Most monsters can pick up weaponry and armor and use it.
  • Weapons and armor have a weight and a skillfulnes that influence how good they are (derived from consonants)
  • Very rare "mystic" items that influence the whole game (similar to e.g. a ring of conflict in Nethack) (derived from rare three-letter combinations)
  • Mazes and caves generated from the sentences in a page: Web Raid knows four different kinds of level - mazes (look like mazes), caves (look like caves), 5x5 levels (made up from 5x5 mini-levels that are selected, placed and connected based letter combinations), and predefined levels where only the locations of monsters and items are influenced by the web page.
  • tiled view; keyboard and mouse support
  • Full information available on anything in a level. Right from the scratch you can see everything in a dungeon level (and they can see you as well), and you can get all information on them to decide how dangerous / precious something is, e.g. if a monster will just hang around or come after you.
  • As everything is generated from web pages, difficulty is not balanced in any way. You can come across a level 25 monster in dungeon level 1. Therefore the game is tough. The game tries to compensate this by giving you a number of "road blocks" to block away monsters coming from all sides in levels it considers tough.
  • No ranged weapons, no magic; this is something for those who play barbarian or valkyrie in Nethack.
  • No real RPG elements: you enter each dungeon naked and you are and stay at level 1. Armor, weaponry and magic amulets make the difference between fast death and success.