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Witchaven the Roguelike
Beta Project
Developer Alberto Sáez (Ubermann)
Theme Fantasy
Influences Nethack, Rogue, Witchaven PC Game
Released 0.9B1 - December 20, 2012
Updated 0.9B5 - January 10, 2013
Licensing Freeware, Open Source
P. Language Lua (LÖVE)
Platforms Windows, Linux. Mac OS
Interface Keyboard, ASCII
Game Length 1-2 hours
Official site of Witchaven the Roguelike

Witchaven the Roguelike (a.k.a. WIRL or Witchavenrl) is a Roguelike based on Witchaven PC Game.

The main aim of Witchaven the Roguelike is to look like a classic roguelike but keeping the gameplay essence of the original Witchaven game.

Game Overview

The game interface features full-colored ASCII symbols, with easy to understand GUI and controls similar to the ones found in NetHack or Rogue In addition, it is developed in Lua scripting language using LÖVE engine, that is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms. It is also planned for later versions an Android version taking advantage of the touchscreen.

It could be classified as a Coffeebreak Roguelike since the game offers 15 depth levels and a rather short game duration. The main objective of the game is to fight your way down to depth level 15 and kill an evil witch called Cirae-Argoth as a vengeance for destroying your home village.

Main Features

  • Random generated dungeons, item placement, traps, and decorations
  • Easy and Intuitive interface with easy to read text
  • No character classes or professions
  • Player progression through leveling up
  • Enemies' progression through depth levels
  • Uses Lua-based scripting language
  • Enemies dialogue personalities
  • 9 different base weapons with random attributes (positive or negative)
  • Some animated graphical effects (lava, water and other effects)
  • Close combat and Ranged attacks for player and enemies
  • Magic system based on single-use scrolls
  • Interactive decorations: barrels and fire braziers
  • Lootable corpses with random 'drop'
  • Breakable weapons and armor
  • Three switchable color modes: Trip to Hell, Black and White and Random
  • No sound
  • Fixed resolution of 1024x768 with switchable fullscreen mode.





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