Wyrm's Wrath

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Wyrm's Wrath
Beta Project
Developer Michael Moore, Lemunde, brightbone
Theme Fantasy
Influences Mage Knight Board Game, Gloomhaven, Slay the Spire
Released March 13, 2021
Updated March 30, 2021
Licensing Open Source (GPL), art©Lemunde, audio©brightbone
P. Language JavaScript (TypeScript, React)
Platforms Browser
Interface Tiles, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length ~60 minutes
Official site of Wyrm's Wrath

A deck-building game with a traditional roguelike core.


The Wyrm is dead, but an egg remains...

The Rogue who now calls himself King of the Dungeon has stolen the Chalice.

Grow, explore, ascend, and find his Palace, and retrieve your birthright.

Wyrm's Wrath is a deck-building roguelike. Each turn you can:

  • play any number of fast cards
  • then play a slow card
  • or redraw your hand
  • or move

You can kill enemies by damaging them with card abilities, or you can simply move into their space, instantly eating them.

To win, explore each level to find the stairs, and reach the Palace on level 5. Retrieve the Chalice by eating the King, or killing him then eating the Chalice.