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XLarn is a heavily extended version of the 80's roguelike game Larn.

Stable game
Developer Swinfjord-Games
Theme Fantasy
Influences Larn
Released May 25, 2015 (21.00)
Updated July 30, 2016 (21.04)
Licensing Commercial
P. Language C
Platforms Windows,Mac,Linux
Interface Graphical display, Keyboard, Mouse
Game Length Long
Official site of XLarn



Deep down in the Earth, Demonic Temples await you. The countdown will begin as you make your way in search of the only hope your daughter has for recovery. She has fallen gravely sick and the villagers all say that her only chance is an elixir found somewhere in the deepest temples underground. A home to demons and other unknown horrific monsters, these “Demonic Temples” can only be accessed through a dead volcano. You must first navigate through an intricate cave system, developing yourself and your skills as you go. Unknown dangers are sure to already be awaiting you there. Use the resources of your village to help you on your mission. Shop at the stores, visit the school or the bank. They all have something to offer. You will need all of the resources that you can find to successfully explore past the caves and reach the medicine down below. The Demonic Temples will have no mercy, so prepare yourself on the way.