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Beta Project
Developer Jakub Debski
Theme Science Fiction, Horror
Released 2002
Updated 2007 Mar 28
P. Language C++
Platforms DOS, Linux and Windows
Interface ASCII
Game Length
Official site of Xenocide

Xenocide is a futuristic roguelike developed by Jakub Debski since 2002.


Xenocide is based on a futuristic and horror theme, where the player must try and survive while fighting his way through waves of human, alien, and robotic foes.

Xenocide has, amongst its various features:

  • A simple character creation system (for now)
  • Permadeath
  • Persistent levels
  • Combat that relies heavily on the use of tactics, guns and devices
  • An assortment of various pills (like potions in other games) and tools
  • Unique level design algorithms that give each area its own distinct flavour (i.e. the levels onboard the space shuttle are vastly different from the levels in the mines)
  • The ability for the player to build his own army of robots from spare parts
  • The ability to splice the player's DNA with enemy DNA
  • Radiation, anti-rad medicine and mutations
  • A single boss monster at the end of one of the areas
  • Multiple tile monsters
  • Some energy weapons

Xenocide is also planned to have, sometime in the future:

  • More items, weapons, armours and monsters
  • Boss monsters at the end of most game areas
  • An actual ending whereby the player can beat the game
  • More energy weapons and flamethrowers

Versions and platforms

Latest version has been compiled for Windows but author claims it should run without problems under wine.

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