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Developer Pasha Paterson
Theme Fantasy
Influences LinuxRogue
Status beta project
Released 06 October 2011
Updated 14 November 2011 (0.4.3β)
Licensing GPL
P. Language C
Platforms Linux, Windows (Cygwin)
Interface ASCII, Keyboard
Game Length ??
Official site of Zerogue

Zerogue is a branch by Pasha Paterson from LinuxRogue version 0.3.2 by Ashwin N. et al. It was built in Linux and will also run in Cygwin; it has not yet been ported to or tested in native Windows environments.

Zerogue has been modified to be slightly easier than classic Rogue, in the following ways.

  • The player may press a to "appraise" an item. This will give feedback indicating something meaningful about the item in question, without giving the full details from a scroll of identify.
  • The player may press D to disarm a trap that has been uncovered. Like the search command, the disarm command is not guaranteed to succeed on the first try, but is countable.
  • Creatures that formerly lowered the rogue's experience level now apply "negative levels" which can be recovered by using a "potion of restore level".
  • The game includes "floor objects" — ancient devices hung on the walls of the dungeon to perform various feats of magical trickery.
    • Transfigurator: Transforms gold into items, and vice versa. Unwanted items can be traded for gold, and gold may be used to buy any item that has already been identified by the rogue.
    • Analyzer: Identifies an item. The item will sometimes be destroyed, or a clockwork gnome may leap out to claim a price for the analysis.
    • Fountain: Provides a limited supply of potions, both harmful and helpful.
  • When gaining a level, the rogue's HP is restored.

Known Issues

  • On 18 October, a bug was observed where the string "setuid restore failed!" somehow got copied into the m_names[0], which had the effect of renaming the aquator. It also caused a seg fault when exiting the dungeon. The cause has not yet been found.
  • Eating the last fruit (slime mold) in the rogue's pack will occasionally add a trash line to the bottom of the inventory screen. The trashed inventory item is not selectable, as it has no pack letter, and it is unknown whether the presence of this trashed item has any other side effects.

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